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I've noticed over the time that the new site has launched that the list of active course measurers is growing and that many of the people listed as "measurers" don't have a single course in the database. For example, of the 17 "measurers" listed in Texas, only 5 of them have courses in the database. My question is - how is this list of measurers being generated? Is it being generated by people registering on the site? If so, that may be causing many non-measurers who are simply visiting the site to search the database to be added to the database of active course measurers. This is going to make it difficult for race organizers to find the actual course measurers.

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Thank you Jim. Two suggestions:

1. I suggest modifying the visual hierarchy on the home page to reduce further confusion. The first thing people see is "Sign in" and yet sign in is only required for measurers/certifiers. Since the USATF website redirects to this site, I anticipate that the majority of people visiting this site are not measurers and certifiers, but those who are searching for existing courses and/or someone to measure their course. As such, the visual hierarchy needs to reflect that as well as the sign in text indicate that it's for measurers and certifiers. Something like the following:

2. Additionally, can we manually hide those who are already on this list who do not have any courses in the database? Having an inaccurate list make it more difficult for potential clients to find active course measurers.

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Re #1: RRTC Webmaster Mark Neal has requested USATF IT to correct the database redirect on their end to  Unfortunately, has no direct control over that.

Re #2, users can now self-opt-out of the Measurer's Contact List. To link a measurer's listings to the presence or absence of certified courses is not practical since the legacy database did not maintain a unique identifier for measurers -- measurer identification was by "name only." 

Perhaps after several years of usage in the new system your suggestion could be implemented and a link to a list of the measurer's active courses could be added to their name.  Maybe we could to something now. Let me bring this up with the developer. 

Thanks for your input


Returning to an old conversation, has there been any word from the developer on how to filter out non-measurers who are listed in the measurer's database? This week a non-measurer, Gary Woolard, forwarded to me an email from a potential client who wants a course measured who found his name in the database of measurers. Thankfully Gary knew I was an active measurer and sent the info on to me, but I wonder how many other races are contacting non-measurers whose names appear in the database.

As is, the database is not compliant with the Listed Measurer's Standards posted on the USATF website.

Also, the link on the Listed Measurer's Standards page to the measure's database is still pointing to The link needs to be updated.

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