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As a measurer I do as GuidoBros does. I send the certificate to the person who hired me, along with my measurement bill. Usually it is the race director.

When I certify a course, I send two copies of the certificate to the measurer. I know that at least some of the measurers send a copy on to the race director, but only assume that all measurers do this.

I've always seen the certifying of a course as being an interaction between a certifier and a measurer, and it's up to the measurer to pass things on. I've had some measurers say they don't pass on the certificate until they are paid, and they don't want me to do it either.
As a certifier, I send the cert electronically to the measurer. I let them send it to the race director, since I, as a measurer, keep the certificate until I get paid.

One thing I have noticed, though, is that races seem to always pay. I have only had one that took a long time. I am not as strict about withholding the cert until payment, as I once was.
I make six copies of the certificate. Two go to the measurer. Two go to the vice-chair. One goes to the Illinois Association USATF (or to the state certifier if the course isn't in Illinois), and the other one I keep and put into a notebook.

I'll send electronic copies to the measurer if he or she asks me to, and the only time I send copies directly to the race director is if the measurer tells me to.
I wondered where all the trees were going, Jay.

We definitely have two camps - one that is primarily electronic, and uses email, and the other that still prefer the hard-copy method.

Either way, I think it is up to the measurer as to when to send the cert to the race director. It is not up to the Certifier to send it, unless requested to do so by the measurer. Even though, via snail-mail, it may take an extra 3 or 4 days for the RD to get the cert.
As a measurer, I prefer to get the certificates (two are always sent to me via Everett McDowell) and then I forward one to the RD when I get paid.

I wait until I receive the cert in the mail, then I inform the RD that I have the paperwork and I send an electronic bill to them via e-mail and let them know that the cert will go in the mail as soon as I see payment.

As soon as payment is made I send the cert in the mail along with a hard copy of all my maps. I send copies of everything electronically as well when I get paid. The RD gets the materials sooner than the 3-4 day snail-mail time.

I prefer this method because it insures that I get paid. Since I keep a copy, I am always able to reproduce one if necessary. I had one race that continued to forget to pay me (fraternity at a local college), and I repeatedly had to request payment. It wasn't until I mentioned legal action that I got anywhere. I hated doing that, but we are business people afterall.

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