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The recent thread on the passing of A.C. Linnerud reminded me that I still hadn't distributed the article I wrote a couple of months ago following the death of another superlative measurer, Glen Lafarlette, who is one of the few people to have measured more courses than A.C.

Glen died on November 5, 2006, and I attended his funeral three days later. I wrote an article, intended to appear in the Winter 2006 issue of Measurement News. However, due to intervening events, Measurement News is currently defunct, and it seems that the Winter 2006 issue will never appear. I've been reluctant to post this because it serves as a reminder of recent unfortunate events leading to the cessation of publication of MN. Still, I think people might like to read this article about Glen.

You may download this article in pdf format from Please note that although I wrote the text of the article and provided most of the graphics, the layout of this 3-page pdf file was done by Kevin Lucas in preparation for the Winter 2006 MN issue. (Note that this 3-page excerpt is the only part of the intended Winter 2006 MN that I've seen.)
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Hi Stu,

As it says in the article, Coneil Lafarlette is Glen's widow, and she continues to run the "Glen's Road Race Service" company that she and her husband operated for so many years. Coneil was always an active participant in all of Glen's measurements, either riding a 2nd bike or driving a support vehicle. She also helped prepare the paperwork for submission. Only Glen got credit in the course list, but if you check the maps for any of those courses measured by "Glen" you'll always find the legend "Glen & Coneil" at the bottom.

Actually, Stu, I intended to comment after your recent post about updating the Measurers list. If you check the measurers for Oklahoma, Glen's and Coneil's names both appear--Coneil with only 1 course (so far) and Glen with lots of courses. Also, Coneil's name is listed without an email address. I suppose Glen's name needs to be removed. But since Coneil was an active participant in all of Glen's measurements, all of the courses measured by either "G Lafarlette" or "C Lafarlette" ought to show up for Coneil (if it's at all possible to arrange that). As for the email address, I assume that the address which previously reached Glen still reaches Coneil, since that's the address they set up for their Glen's Road Race business.
As a lasting tribute to Glen, a number of runners in the Tulsa area are raising money to construct a memorial plaza in his honor. The plaza will be located at 70th and Riverside Parkway in the Tulsa River Park, along a path often used by runners in Tulsa. You can read about this at (please excuse the minor error in that website where it refers to Glen as a "certifier" - a matching hard-copy brochure version did use the correct term "measurer").

If you'd like to make a donation in honor of our all-time most prolific measurer, you may access the information at the above website and send a check to the indicated address.
What a double edge sword it is to see my father (Glen Lafarlette) remembered in such a great way. My heart was saddened to find out that he died. I'd been watching as he changed through the years (teeth & etc) and was proud of him. Our time together was very short, but it is great to know my father had a passion and he followed it. Even more impressive is the fact so many enjoyed him and he was loved by many. I only run on my treadmill, but think of him when I do run. Rest in peace, Miss you and the time we missed . Love his daughter, Pahmela

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