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Have two out of town jobs on tap with highly restrictive marking mandates.  Picture below is of orange marking chalk last RD had Dave Rogers and I use, plain white flour from a peanut butter jar with 1/4" lid holes and flour slurry with yellow food coloring.  By using pictures of flour on permanent items like expansion joints and grate ends, you have virtually permanent intermediate marks.   


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I use this stuff: . Though it is listed as "for indoor use", it works well outdoors. I like the fluorescent yellow because it is easy to spot from a distance. It is not reflective. It's tough stuff. From time to time, I have found similar items online that are less expensive. But I have no sources to share at this moment.

If there is a lot of dirt or sand on the pavement where the tape is to go, obviously it helps to sweep that stuff away before applying the tape. I applied this tape across Rockville Pike in Maryland to indicate the location of mile 1 in the Pike's Peek 10K one year. The volunteer there forgot to pull up the tape after the last runner on race day. A full year later, on one of the reputedly most heavily-trafficked roads in the U.S., the tape was still in fine fettle.

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