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Oh, how we do digress. We started this on Combo maps, and moved on to another topic entirely. Back to the subject it started with, I create all my maps electronically, and it doesn't bother me to make two separate maps with a common loop or section of running. In fact, it makes it easier for my larger races to split the duties when they see maps separated.

I have a question, though, about a client using the same map for two different races. My largest client, Disney, now uses their half marathon course for the Princess half marathon course as well. But the entity of the client is so big, that some of the primaries involved in making the events happen get confused when they see a different name on the paperwork they receive. The course is called the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, but the people setting up the WDW Princess Half Marathon are looking for their race name on the paperwork. Then we get to the field of runners. They want to look up the course on the USATF website to see the course and can't find the Princess Half Marathon. Should I resubmit this course with the second name as well, so that runners and event staff can both find the map easier on the website? Are there two numbers for the course? Do I treat it like a new submission, fee and all?
Toni, thanks for furthering my assertion that we should only issue certificate numbers, and not names for courses! Smiler

Unfortunately, to do this, we would have to re-build the Map lookup page, and that would be considerable work, and time. But, if we did, we would list a race name, and also a certificate number. We could list both of your races, and show them using Course # FL12999TY. ONLY the cert number would be on the map, so there would be no confusion - find the cert number that is associated with the race, and you have found the map.

But, that is down the road, if it ever happens.

In answer to your question - You can submit the same measurement data (ignoring that you are a FS), with the same map, but with a different name. Certifier gets normal fee, issues a new certificate for the second race, and passes the new cert to the VC. Course gets posted, and has a listing with the new name. Same map, but with a different name and cert number.

What you charge the "new" race for the new map is up to you. I usually charge $50, as $30 goes to the Certifier. I get $20 for the time and effort of creating a duplicate map with a new name on it.

Hope this helps answer your question.

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