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As a Final Signatory, I submitted a course.  When I reviewed it to make sure I attached the map correctly, I found I had not.  So, I rejected my submission.

It appears that, once a course is submitted, if it is rejected the measurer has to completely re-enter all the calibration, measurement, and client information, as the rejected course does not show up in my Pending Courses list.  

Is this intentional? I would think that the old info would go back to my "Pending Course" area, for modifications.

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Did you "deny" (red thumbs-down) or "permanently reject" (red X) the course? 

Assuming this was a regular process submission (not an LDE), if the course was "denied" by the certifying reviewer (in this case, you as FS),  there is no need to 'completely re-enter the calibration, measurement, and client information' as the information on those forms is saved. However, you are able to edit the cal, ride and other application info. And you are also able to upload a new map and/or supporting documentation, as necessary. 

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