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Can anyone point me to the USATF's official position on recertification. I've searched through the forums but haven't found anything more recent than 2013. Nothing in the manual, either.

I've got an RD that's a little hesitant to have it done. The course must be certified to be included in the local track club's grand prix series.

Hate dealing with some people. He didn't even have the original course certified - just started using a certified course of a defunct race. Would just like to point him to something official.
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It can be done with one measurement if
the route hasn't had any changes.
Such as new construction. Also, all
The key marks can be found(such as start,
Finish and turnaround points).

First, one should check with their Regional
Certifier if they will allow this.
I really would prefer to redo it, but
In some cases of long races, then
One measurement makes sense.

We did discuss this, but not sure what
year this was done.

To begin, the official policy to send to the RD is on the USATF site. That he is using a course from a defunct event is not a problem, as we certify courses, not events. Anyone can use any course that I measure, although ethics can come into play. No entity owns a course, from a USATF certification standpoint.

I believe this short thread addresses the process, rather succinctly. However, this thread addresses the topic further.

Hope these links help!

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