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Got a digital camera? Got a CD burner? If so, you can give a race director a little bit extra next time you measure a course. Just photograph the splits after you get them painted. Take a ton of pictures – after all, once you have the equipment they cost you nothing but a little time, plus a dime for the CD. Put them on a CD and send it to the race director.

The photos also serve to refresh your memory when you are writing up the measurement.
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I followed up on your idea and placed a photo of the start and finish for my last measurement on the course map in a very small file as shown below. The map looks alright on local sites, but of course will not look too good after it has been processed in black and white onto the USATF site.

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Nice stuff, Neville. I'm curious what you are using for your mapping. I tried to do the same with graphics from Yahoo Maps on Powerpoint with less than stellar results. Last couple of maps I've done I had to resort to pen-and-ink trace jobs based on the map graphics in order to get a good map for Doug. Interesting to see what a map like yours looks like in b/w.

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