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I'll throw my straw man out there:

- Race director arranges ahead of time for the course to be measured and certified the morning of the race.
- Measurer lays out short (100 meter) cal course on the race course surface.
- Measurer rides the course once and reports the distance(no SCPF) to race director. No adjustments to the course are made.
- Measurer completes SMALL application form that includes no map and sends it to state certifier.
- Certifier sends certificate to race director that states the distance and a statement that the certification was valid only for that race day.
- Only measurers that the state certifier has experience with and trusts would be eligible to perform this type of measurement.

Is it accurate to within 0.1%? Probably not.
Will some courses be shorter than what's reported? Yes, about 50% of them.
Will the course be more accurate that 99% of existing cross country courses? For sure.
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Mark, I think that's pretty much the official RRTC procedure now, except for omitting the SCPF. There's probably no need to issue a certificate, really - maybe s piece of official-looking paper (paste in the USATF logo) stating the course is measured accurately.

There's also the question of the cal course - you should probably lay one out on the same surface you're measuring.

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