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I think one of the biggest benefits a race gets from having their course certified is the general feeling among runners, even those that don't "race," that the event is serious and important. If the race director made an effort to have the course certified he probably made an effort to get everything else right too.

With that in mind, I'm wondering if there are serious and important races out there that have chosen, for whatever reason, not to have their courses certified.

I realize this is kind of a "negative" thread, but in this case I think it's OK. If these races exist I doubt people are aware of the fact that they aren't certified, and people should be aware of that.

Off the top of my head I can't think of any obvious examples in Michigan. Maybe Scott can help?
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An interesting topic! From what I have seen, it appears that most major races are being purchased by management companies who recognize the value of course certification. I can't think of a single prominent Half or Marathon in the west that is not certified. Denver, Vegas, (okay, that's it for big cities between Omaha and California) have the courses certified.

This is something each measurer can research, and possibly find courses to recommend certification for. It depends on how much effort a measurer wants to put in to find courses that need certification. Each measurer has a better idea which races are large in their area, or prominent events. I can't think of any in the Denver area that are not certified.
yeah, this is sort of a negative thread. i don't think much is served by naming names but, if i'm allowed a general comment, yes, there have been a few 'big' events over the past 25 years that have gone uncertified. but that # is small. what i've done from time to time in the past was contact folks that staged/sponsored lots of 'smaller' events and offered to come in and measure their courses to cert standards - and charge a reduced about 2/3 less. none bought my idea. to each their own. i tried. now we've got an active squadron of good meausurers in MI, including one in the UP (Upper Peninsula for the uninitiated). with this development in the past 5 years, there has been a HUGE uptick in certifications. good stuff!

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