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I notice that most course names are named for the race, something like Chiropractic center 5K. I have taken to naming courses by location. This is based on the following rational:

  • Race names change. Our clubs has renamed three of it’s annual races in the last two years. For example the ‘4th of July’ race was renamed ‘Freedom Run’ because the 4th of July would not stay stuck on a Saturday. Our women’s gold coast, is now ‘Run for the Roses’ and the ‘Over the Hill & Young and Restless’ is now called ‘Fall Fling’.

  • A course is about a place, and distance, not a sponsor. So my names are something like Bamford 5K Anticlockwise. Not very exciting but it tells you what and where.

  • We have a lot of events in our city. Each park has multiple courses in it. Some for running and some for, well I am not sure, but they put mile marks on the roads. With all the marks, everything gets a little confusing. Armed with the original cert map you and could sort them out. Volunteers out there on the day may not be as knowledgeable. I would prefer that a new race use an existing course and just refresh the marks, and not lay down another set close by.

  • By naming the race by location it enables other measurers and race directors to find existing courses at that location. If you know you are going out to CB Smith park it would be useful to find existing courses instead of wandering around with the Race Director trying to figure out how to squeeze in another one.

What are your thoughts, name the course after the race or for the location ?
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The current column width in the Excel database is 46 characters. Beyond that, any data gets truncated, but not lost. I don't know what the actual maximum is. It's longer than this post, and certainly longer than any sane man would name a race.

While it makes logical sense to name the course for its location (Veterans Park 5k), the park isn't the one paying for the measurement. The race director has naming rights, and I've seen some silly ones Smiler

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