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Quite a few years ago, Pete Riegel, asked me if I could create a repository of old Course Measurement Articles and Old issues of the newsletter "Measurement News". I had a lot of space available on my RunScore server so set up the archive there. Recently, I switched providers going from to I moved all the items over to the new site. The URL is exactly the same as before. The reason I'm posting this note is that it might be a good time to remind measurers of this resource. Here are the links:
Course Measurement Articles
Measurement News

This archive must be scanned by Google since one time I found a reference to the historic Senechalle counter which preceded the Jones Counter. When I tried it just now, I got a reference back to a posting by Pete Riegel on this forum in 2009!

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I just noticed that there is a dead link to Course Measurement Archives on this forum, just to the right of "General Course Measurement Topics." I think this is because there was a link to both the Articles and the Course Measurement but that has been lost in the transfer. Can the moderator of this forum fix this? Thanks.

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