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I have seen some of our Certifiers use the following numbering of their Certificates: "NJ-11001-GAN" or "NJ11001-GAN".

During the last couple of months a few people have asked why their course wasn't on the USATF site. I searched for the course and it was there. I discovered they were searching using one of the above situations. That is, they used dash(es), hence they couldn't find their course.

I don't find this to be a big problem, but does anyone have any insight on this situation.
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We need to do one of two things. Either:

Instruct all certifiers to eliminate the dashes from their certification numbers (I've been putting dashes in mine for years and it hasn't been an issue until now), or

Put something on the website advising the user to enter the course number without punctuation (probably a better idea because there are still thousands of courses out there with dashes in their course numbers).

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