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Spray paint cans are smaller than standard Bike Water Bottles therefore bounce around, rattle and sometimes fall out of standard size Waterbottle Cages.

I recently found an adjustable Waterbottle Cage that will adjust to the size of your spray paint can.

Topeak Modula Ex Cage (Plastic Model) (see image below)
Topeak Modula Cage (Aluminum Model)

These are inexpensive ($6-$10) and work great on your measurement bike for holding a variety of sizes of bottles/cans. However, these do not open very wide so are best for sizes smaller than or equal to a regular waterbottle.

I purchased my from but just search the internet for the best prices.

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Originally posted by Alan Avery:
For very cold weather, I just keep the paint can in a bag inside my jacket, so it stays toasty until I need it. When the nozzle gets cold, the paint starts coming out poorly.

Glad I live in southern portion of the US (Oklahoma) such that I don't have to worry about my paint can getting too cold...plastic nossle might melt in the 100+ temp though...
I appreciate this, Ken. Between measurements of a 5K in downtown D.C. over the past weekend, I went over a curb (intentionally - I use a hybrid) and my paint can went flying. Cap and nozzle in one direction, can in another. A friendly passerby picked up my cap while I chased down the can and nozzle in the middle of a busy intersection. Your recommendation should solve this problem for me. Thank you.
I cut the top off of a plastic cycling water bottle and insert my paint can into the bottom half which fits snugly into a water bottle cage. The paint can may still be slightly loose in which case I line the cutoff water bottle with 2" wide sticky Velcro (from the WalMart crafts aisle). Everything is then very snug and rattle free - except for the agitator ball in the paint can.

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