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This was an interesting year. This was the first time in a few years we didn't have an increase in the number of courses certified.

As usual TX had the most certified courses with IL in 2nd place.

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Just wondering how the counting was done. Does this truly count courses measured in 2013 or just courses with 2013 certification numbers?

I just checked, and I measured and certified 8 courses in 2013 that had other year id's because some part of the course was from an older measurement, and there were 5 other courses in Virginia that were given older year id's. IF the count does not include courses like that, it may explain some of the drop-off in number of courses certified.
You are correct.

The courses you measured in 2013 that were adjustments to earlier years won't show for course measured in 2013. I used a query built in the database to find Active courses in 2013. There is a column in the database that shows when the course(s) were measured. I just didn't use it as I never thought of this situation.

I feel this is a good approximation.

Bob, thanks for the insight. I guess I shouldn't say measured course, but should state Active.
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