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Let me pose a couple of scenarios:

1. Measurer A and Measurer B measure a course. Measurer A rides the first bike, and submits the documentation. Measurer A is the measurer of record for this measurement. A couple of years later, a short segment of the course needs to be altered, and Measurer A is unavailable. The race director engages Measurer B, who re-measures the segment and submits all of the required documentation. Who is the measurer of record for the re-measurement?

2. Measurer C measures a course. A couple of years later, the race director needs to change the last half of the course due to construction and Measurer C is not yet back from spending the winter in Arizona so the race director engages Measurer D, who re-measures the last half of the course but leaves the first half, which has not changed, alone. Measurer D submits the paperwork, including Measurer C's original data, which the race director has given him. Who is the measurer of record?

My thoughts?

1. No doubt it is Measurer B, who has performed a measurement of the entire course at least once.

2. It has to be Measurer D, but would you want to be him?

I don't think we want to FORBID one measurer using another measurer's data, as there will be some instances where it's the best course of action, but I think we should STRONGLY DISCOURAGE it.

Your thoughts?
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