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I was encouraged by one race organizer to supply waypoint information about the timing points, and so I have done that for some courses-- marking points using a gps device and then creating a .kmz file that shows up in Google Earth, and also constructing a chart showing latitude and longitude for each point.

Apparently it was a big help for the folks who put the mile signs out at the Marine Corps Marathon, and for others who have gone to look for the points. But I need a little instruction on how best to (1) construct the chart, and (2) advise someone how to use it.

Specifically, is there a way to get around reading and typing all of the numbers to create the lat-long chart, and on the other end is there a way around typing in all those numbers in order to find the spots?
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Bob, There are several methods to extract the GPS coordinates from a Google Earth file. If there are a just a few points, save as a KML file, instead of the compressed KMZ file. The KML file can be easily opened in a text editor. You'll recognize your data points within the tagged file.

If you have lots of points, save the KML file and go to GPS Visualizer.

Select the Output as plain text and Upload your KML file. The output text will contain the coordinates.

Hope this helps. -- Justin

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