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I have moved Bob's post from another thread that is on a different topic to this new thread.

I hope people don't think this is too heavy-handed of me. I'd like to try to keep content in threads aligned with the original topic of the thread.

From Bob Thurston:
Congratulations to all those involved in getting the database improvements, and thanks!
Curious (and forgetful) minds want to know: just what is the difference between verifying and validating?
On J.A's point about sanctioning: I wonder if others are as much in the dark about it as I am. I had been thinking that it was 98% about getting insurance for races. Is that too cynical? Now that sanctioning seems to be a requirement for establishing a record, I'd like to understand
-- what are the reasons for that?
-- what checks or guidelines are used beyond paying a fee to determine whether a race will be sanctioned?
-- does sanctioning help to assure a runner that the race will be safely and competently conducted?
-- are there national guidelines for sanctioning or is it determined by local associations?
I realize this may be way off topic but I'd be interested in understanding it better.
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A little outside the measuring topic, but here's my $0.02. I understand the USATF Sanction to mean that the USATF has reviewed the race's procedures for things like type event, safety, course, competitive divisions, etc. and agreed that the race meets the minimum guidelines established. Additionally, since these minimum guidelines are met, USATF offers optional liability insurance. Since the insurance is the only tangible result of a USATF sanction, the sanction has become synonymous with insurance. For huge super-races, there may be some physical checking, witnessing or on-site representation, but for the majority of races, I
The interface between race director and USATF is completing and submitting a form and a check (maybe 2) and (again, maybe) receiving a notification of sanction. The notification of sanction is available online as well.

The system seems to be working.

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