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While at Lowes Home Improvement the other day I noticed a notepad made of special paper that can be used for pen or pencil in wet conditions.There was a display at the checkout counter.
I still have an all weather pad from John Disley in the UK and have used it from time to time.
I never start a measurement in the rain but have gotten caught more than once. When it starts raining I put my paper notepad away where it will stay dry and use this type of special paper pad.
It works well, doesn't smear and pencil can be erased if needed.
This pad is about 6 in tall, 3 in wide and the pages are graph lined. Cost was around 2 bucks and well worth it if you have ever tried to make sense of blurred ink or pencil tearing paper in the rain.
It is called WeatherMax All-Weather notepad from Hillman Group Cincinnati, OH
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I keep a supply of waterproof paper around at track events for use in a laser printer, when the weather call for rain. It beats reading the soggy and torn paper that officials turn in with their results.

While measuring, I use the smaller, all weather, pocket sized notebooks that are printed with a grid on one side. I use the grid for sketching diagrams. The notebooks are inexpensive, bright yellow and may be used for anytime.

There are a several companies that manufacture waterproof paper. You can find the Rite in the Rain products online at Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other locations.
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Not trying to rain on anyone's parade Wink , but I just use my voice recorder on the smartphone. I can be as verbose as I want, and it takes less time for me to do a thorough description.

If I would be tempted to draw a diagram, I can photograph the object, then record a description.

Yes, I have a waterproof pad, but I have never had to use it. I am lucky. But, I also carry two phones, one that is really a phone, and an old phone that I can use for camera, calculator, and voice recorder. If my primary phone dies, I have a backup.

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