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In the road course validation process there are four general options a validator can exercise after the course in question has been measured. The Validation Results options are as follows:

7. Results:
Option (1) If the original measurer laid out a perfect course, you would measure it at the advertised length plus the short course prevention factor. For example a 10 K course would validate at 10,000 + 10 meters = 10,010 meters.

Option (2) If your validation measurement yields a length of less than 0.9995 of the advertised length (9,995.0 meters in this example), the pending records) will not be ratified, and the course will be de certified. You may offer to fix the course for the race director, in which case you would bring the course up to the full advertised length plus the SCPF, and cause a new certificate to be issued.

Option (3) If your validation measurement is equal to or greater than the advertised length plus the SCPF (>10,010 meters in the above example) the record(s) will be ratified and the course will be listed in a manner such that future records will automatically be approved upon documentation that the course was properly set up and run.

Option (4) a & b If your validation measurement shows the course to be somewhere between the two above mentioned lengths (between 0.9995 times the advertised length and 1.001 times the advertised length) you should advise the race director that (s)he has two choices: (a) The course can be left as it is, in which case it will be subject to re validation in the event of future records, with the possibility that the next validator may find the course to be a different length. or (b) The course can be lengthened to the advertised length plus the SCPF, in which case it is approved for future records, without needing to be re validated, as mentioned above. If the race director elects this option you should lengthen the course to the required distance, and prepare and submit a new certificate.

Does there need to be other options for validators in dealing with courses that exceed the advertised distance plus the SCPF? Should there be a given tolerance allowance over the advertised distance plus the SCPF? Could option #3 be exercised without adding additional options?
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