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If a Race Director desires to have their course prevalidated then they should contact our Validation Chair. The Chair would then find a Validator, however this Race Director may have someone in mind. Could there be a conflict of interest here? Here are the thoughts by one of our Council members(David Katz), which I agree with.
I think this is a good example of taking
advantage of an excellent opportunity to get a course validated. Here is a situation where you have several outstanding measurers available. Of course, a confirmation phone call with the Neville as the Validation Chair is required but really as a rubber stamp.
I realize that there has been some question (in other situations) of a possible "conflict of interest". In my opinion this is perception and not reality. I can understand recommending a measurer not perform a Validation because of a perceived conflict of interest" but at the end of the day all we have is our integrity! And I think that any measurer from the pool of experts that would be considered for any Validation is truly incapable of compromising their standards.

Any thoughts?
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I don't see any problem with a "preferred" measurer validating a course. Even if it is the same measurer that originally measured the course, we do have our integrity.

If I measured a course, then was asked to validate the same course, I would still do the calibrations as required, then ride the course as required. If I saw I was't accurate with my first measurement, I would have egg on my face, but would still admit my error.

If I was validating for a friendly race director, it would not change my process. A measurement is a measurement, and procedures are set. We follow them, so the circumstance should have no bearing on outcome.

Personally, I would be more than willing to validate my own, or other's courses, and maintain the same standards for either validation.

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