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Several RRTC certifiers have asked how they can use GIMP to add the RRTC logo on their course measurement maps. It's easy enough to add the logo. But, since the map must be saved as a PNG file with a limited number of indexed colors, the colors of the logo may not always appear as expected on the final product.

GIMP allows you to create and use a custom palette with a defined set of colors. If you look closely at the RRTC logo,

you will notice it is made up of five different colors (white, usatf red, usatf blue, usatf gray and usatf silver.) A custom GIMP palette should contain those five colors, plus any other colors used on the map.

I created a custom palette for use in GIMP. It's actually a tiny, 10-line, text file. You may download that file from this link.

I also created a GIMP XCF file containing the RRTC logo. The logo is 253 x333 pixels and will fit nicely on your maps. You may download that file from this link.

Lastly, I created a two-part series to help demonstrate how use the palette and logo on your maps. Each is a 98-second, animated GIF. Click on the images to enlarge.

In part one, I demonstrate how to install the custom palette in GIMP.

In part two, I show how to add the color logo to your black and white map and how to use the custom palette in GIMP in create the indexed colors.

Thank you. -- Justin
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Awesome post Justin. Thanks!

I was able to use what I learned from Justin's videos to create a palette that includes 16 colors that do a good job when applied to a map with a google maps background, and also the colors Justin supplied for the USATF logo. If anyone would like this palette send me an email or private message me on this forum.
Several certifiers have asked for a monochrome version of the USATF Certified Course logo. I posted a version of the logo that contains just two colors (black & white.) Click on the image below to view a large example of the monochrome logo.

I also created the GIMP version and bundled the monochrome logo with the color logo. Both logos are available from this link.

Note: if you use the monochrome logo, you can use the standard GIMP palettes when indexing the maps. You do not need to add a custom GIMP palette.

Thank you. -- Justin
Thanks for adding this B&W as well as the color version. I have been adding the color version to my final png maps since you made it available.

Question for you or others.
I use OpenOffice Draw to create my maps and in most cases do these in black & white. I create a pdf file from OpenOffice then create the final png file from GMIP.
Instead of adding the RRTC logo in GMIP, would there be an issue if instead I added the logo to my OpenOffice Draw map before creating the pdf file ?

If you add the black & white USATF logo to your OpenOffice Draw document, and export to PDF, the black & white logo will not be altered, even if there is color in your map.

If you add the color USATF logo to your OpenOffice Draw document, and export to PDF, the colors in the logo will be changed, even if your map is black & white!

If you have lots of colors in your map, and you let GIMP choose the colors (rather than using your own palette) when you index the colors down to a small number (I use 16), it's possible that black and white will not be included in the colors GIMP chooses. If you use just a few colors in your map though, I doubt this will happen.

Bottom line is I think you can add the black & white logo in Draw without fear that it will be altered during the export to PDF and PNG conversion processes.
If you try this with the color logo, the colors in the logo will definitely be changed.

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