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In the spirit of sharing, I'll share a few useful apps I've added to my arsenal of tools.

1. For my iPad - Draw Maps: Map Notes by Bluefield GIS, Inc. for iPad

This is a map app that allows me to scribble notes (it really helps if you have an apple pencil) on the map. I use it on the field to draw sketches and make notes of locations of split points, turnarounds, etc. 

Draw Maps screenshot

2. For my iPhone - Solocator for iPhone.

I just discovered this app and not yet used it on the field, but it looks very promising. The app itself is $.99 with the option of purchasing additional tools for another couple of bucks. This app stamps your course photos with the nearest address, GPS coordinates, altitude, and other data along with any notes you make. You can even edit the descriptions after you've left the field. I like to give any course photos I take to my clients. I'm looking forward to using this on my next measurement job.

Solocator photo example

3. Google Sheets

I'm sure I'm not the only one using these, but I do all my course calculations on a google spreadsheet and use the Google Sheets app for iPhone and iPad to make entries while measuring. The spreadsheet I use was originally built by Duane, which he generously shared on I've taken his sheets and tweaked them for my own purposes and for optimal viewing via a mobile device. You can view my spreadsheet here - Shared Mobile CertSheet

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Thanks, Gary. I'm an Android guy (not an actual android, as some people have maintained), so I can't use Draw Maps or Solocator, but I'm going to try the Shared Mobile CertSheet. I have always calculated my splits in the field, using waterproof ink since I usually drip sweat on my notebook pages as I write them down. But, then, wet paper tears easily.

Come to think of it, since I put a small metal basket on my handlebars to hold my notebook and other stuff, maybe I'll try the CertSheet on my Samsung tablet. Reading my phone in sunlight is almost as challenging as dealing with sweaty notebook pages. And, come to think of it, maybe protecting the tablet will give me more incentive to avoid bike crashes. After two broken thumbs, five cracked ribs, several large bruises, and innumerable road rashes, I'll take any help I can get .

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