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Not sure if anyone else does this, but I use a small Printing Adding Machine (about $20) to record date/time/temperature and counts while doing my measurements.
I find it much easier than trying to write out the information. Plus, when doing the calibration ride, I can quickly calculate the total counts of each of the four rides.
Plus, having a adding machine is quite handy when having to stop to make calculations while on the course.

Below is image of tapes from information on a 5km course I recently measured. I, of course, carry pen and spiral notebook to make notes and to draw diagrams for splits/etc.

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Originally posted by athlete141:
Wow, another great idea from you. I think I'll try it.

I also like the pdf forms you made with ability to input info from computer. Looking forward to using them. Thanks a million.

If you decide to use the Printing Adding Machine, check out my mounting system I have came up with. See message at Mounting System

I have tried various methods of attaching the adding machine to my bike. But, invariabily, it came loose and went crashing to the pavement. This usually happend while riding across rough roads. Which, of course, is hard to avoid when measuring. With the use of Sticky-Back Industrial strength velcro, I haven't had that problem. And, of course, I can take my adding machine off to use it while setting in my car. Also, the thin metal plate works great as a "spring". The thin metal plate flexes as I ride over rough spots in the road and asorbs the shock instead of being directly transferred to the adding machine.

Let me know how using the printing adding machine works out for you !!!

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