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Every so often I like to surf the USATF web site to see what's going on. and who's who.

I've heard that David Katz is RRTC's new chairman, but have not been able to see it in the RRTC corner of the USATF site. Gene Newman is still listed as chair.

I have not checked to see whether newly-certified courses are listed, but I have been unable to find the minutes of RRTC's last two annual meetings.

Check it out - somehow the information is not reaching the USATF web site.
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Pete, USATF is not doing things as has been done in the past. However, David is going through a more formal approach.

Now, for the minutes, the 2015 minutes are posted in the Document library with the meeting information. As for the 2016 minutes, David can get a copy from Toni and then can have them posted. I did send these off in December, but I guess USATF did not get it done.

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