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Yes, it is a valid logo.

I put it on my Website where I have info on measuring and certification. I also put it on all of my certification maps. I have not been told otherwise, but I believe we can use it in those places, as long as the course is certified.

I think your file that you have should be good. It is small enough in size, but has enough resolution to put on your maps.

If anyone is aware of terms, please post them.
I have tried to contact USATF with regards to this. No response. I have only seen the logo as a copy on various websites. I have found no original on anything from USATF. So, I was a little wary of it.

I think it looks great and would like to use it. I just wanted to see if there were any terms/conditions of use. I personally prefer to ask for permission rather than for forgiveness!
Just because this is on one's application/map doesn't mean the course is certified. I have heard of many races stating they are certified, but aren't. If one contacts me about someone stating the course is certified, then I suggest that they contact the race and ask for the certification number. The number on the certificate is the only thing that means the course is certified.

People do many things like this in real life for products they want to sell. Could they be sued for making a false statement? The real problem here is making sure the race is certified. The public must ask questions.

They are saying the race is sanctioned. Sanctioning will be provided the AZ association. You are the Certifier for AZ, why don't you contact them and ask if the plan to get this race Certified?

If not explain that they could be misleading the runners. Actually, there is not much we could do about this. I just hope they actually have a USATF Sanction.

Several months ago I was contacted by the race director of a 5k charity race who was inquiring about certification.  It's a small race and I could tell right away that money was an issue.  I gave him a significantly reduced price quote to measure the race and have it certified.  He said he would let me know. 

As I was looking at the local race calendar a few weeks ago I noticed a listing for the event which provided "NEW USATF CERTIFIED COURSE."  I emailed the race director to let him know that I noticed the listing and to ask him if he wanted the course measured/certified.  He said that they didn't have the money.  The race is Sunday and the listing still has the same false representation in it. 

Should I contact the race director and tell him to fix his misleading advertisement immediately, or should I just let it go.


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