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This summary is based on the course list as it existed on March 20, 2006. It was assumed that all of the year 2005 courses had been received, and indeed few have been received since then. Here is how we did last year:

Most active certifier: Jay Wight – 116 (130 in 2004)
Most active measurer: Kevin Lucas, with 44 (46 in 2004)
Most active state: Texas, with 146 courses certified (162 in 2004)
Measurers active in 2005: 254 (278 in 2004)
State with most active measurers: New York - 24 (18 in 2004)
Courses certified in 2005: 1385 (1393 in 2004)
New measurers in 2005: 42 (60 in 2004)


Length Number Percent
5 km 709 51.2
10 km 153 11.0
Half Marathon 115 8.3
Marathon 110 7.9
Calibration 65 4.7
8 km 47 3.4
1 mi 32 2.3
5 mi 32 2.3
4 mi 18 1.3
15 km 16 1.2
10 mi 16 1.2
Other 72 5.2

A note on how the information was compiled: The course list was used without any editing, and massaged using the various sorting and table-making capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Thus, several distances listed on the same certificate will each count as a separate course. Mike Wickiser noticed this in a past year, saying:

“I differ from your calculation for most active certifier. While Tom McBrayer certified 132 distances, 20 of those were dual distance certs. Jay Wight issued 124 measurement certificates. Going over the list, it appears about 12 of Jay's certs could have been combined (same race name with 5k/10k distances). This brings Jay & Tom into a dead heat with 112 each.” This same sort of thing will probably be present in this year’s review. With a world full of injustice, you might as well get your share from your friends.

In this summary only the surnames of measurers are used. Thus those who share a surname will move higher on the list than those who do not. Using first initials would partially rectify this, but we do have two “D White” measurers, operating in several states. Perhaps there are more.

Calibration courses count as much as full-length race courses. Should they be included? How about giving more credit for marathons than 5 km courses? Lots of things are possible.

Also, as in any large database, the course list contains errors. They are constantly being found and corrected, but any errors in the listing will find their way into the yearly summary.

So, what you see is almost, but not quite, completely accurate.

Those interested in further details can find the complete report at:

Click on file “2005RRTCStats.pdf”
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