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Below is the Agenda for ou Annual meeting. All are welcome to attend any questions can be directed to Gene at

Meeting in Daytona Beach for the RRTC ( at Convention Center 102A)
100 N. Atlantic Ave. at the Daytona Beach Hilton

8:30am till 11:20am Sat. Dec. 1st, 2012

*Note all reports will be listed on USATF web site

Vice Chair Reports

Course Registrar Report

Data Officer’s Report

Validation Report

Webmaster information

RRTC Bulletin Board Report

Workshop Reports

Chairman’s Report

Discussion Topics
1.Should a Calibration courses be certified every 10 years if the nails are still in place?
2.Should a measurer be removed from the measurer’s page if the following occur: (a) submitting poor maps (2) not answering certifier’s questions in a reasonable time (3) non-payment for a review.
3.Should a “comment section” be displayed when searching for a course and what should be allowed?
4.Calibration Course measurements. What do we accept as a difference between the two measurements?
5.Should the Application for Certification have a question asking whether the old course has become physically unusable, hence the Certificates will include a new checkbox, next to the Replaces field, to indicate whether the course is unusable.
6.Discuss the words Verification s Validation.
7.Olympic Marathon discussion by David Katz
8.Processing fee for a calibration course?
9.Comparison of two measurements to be acceptable for a Calibration Course

***Open questions from all.
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