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I actually meant to add this to Mike Sanford's thread. Well, here it is anyway.

I try to use the motor sparingly, because it can make one lazy. But, when I get to a hill, I use it and I'm up the hill without wobbling. It's also useful when starting up. Again, no wobble.

The range varies according to terrain, rider weight, etc. It has 4 levels of assist and 4 levels of generation. In level 1, the range is approximately 60-70 km. In level 4, it's around 20 km. I'm 160# and the terrain in NH varies from flat at the seacoast to hilly just about everywhere else.
Nice set up. I agree with what you say about reducing wobbles on hills, and of course mine can actually get me up the steep hills which I would otherwise have to walk and use a walking calibration.

I like the warning sign - I have been thinking of doing something similar. Particularly since I don't have to worry about wind resistance now I have the extra power when needed.

I would have trouble getting nowadays my leg over a bike with a crossbar so I needed a new bike with a step thru frame and i used the opportunity of the ebike purchase to get that.

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