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Dear Yoshi,

I have been measuring roads for many years, but I know very little about tracks. I am going to post your message on our Bulletin Board. (

Perhaps someone will send you a reply. Best regards, Pete

Dear Pete

Our Stadium Administration Committee of JAAF has been conducting road course measurement, certification for equipment and implements for T&F,certification of track facilities here in Japan more than 70 years as its function.

I am a member of the Committe, Surveyor together with an Associate Surveyor certified by government. However, my actual function in the Committe is the International Liaison. So I have been deeply involved in "IAAF Cetification System" for Equipment and Implements, Synthetic Surface Material, and Track facilities here in Japan.

Currently one of the vital concerns for that System for us is "Certification of Track Facilities" of IAAF Class1 and Class 2 track. As you know California State University San Marcos has acquired IAAF Class 2 certification. However, this is only one track facility that acquired IAAF track certification in the State.

Everybody in the world know that U.S.A. is the kingdom of T&F. There are so many track facilities in the States. In spite of such a situation in the States, only one facility sounds quite strange. So I wonder USTF officials are not so interested in such a Certification System by IAAF.

We are very interested in the Marking system for the American track facilities. (I assume most likely American marking system might be something different from that of IAAF.)

When we applied Class 1 track facility certification for the Niigata stadium last year. We took a bunch of shots at the Niigata stadium to show that our JAAF marking system was something different from that of IAAF.

For an example, our "Start" and "End" of Take-over zone are marked with a green triangle instead of Red line by IAAF. And acceleration line for 4x100m relay is marked with Blue line instead of Yellow line with arrow mark by IAAF. So we usually call this acceleration zone as "BLUE ZONE". If you are interested in this marking system, I am very happy to exchange
our informationon this issue with you and send you these pictures of our marking.

Thanks and have a nice day
Yoshi Nakagawa
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