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The rules for trail measuring are a bit different...
SPR - "safest possible route". I've never gotten anywhere near the required agreement between two measurements up and down.
12" from any obstruction... Good luck with that.

By August the nettle, briars, and other seasonal vegetation can easily span the trail. This makes it nearly impossible to make it down without picking up a "badge".

Going up I likely stop to do a little trail improvement, moving loose rocks bears dislodge looking for grubs, or trimming back the worst of the thorny branches. I used to carry a machete. Honey locust are common out here.

Dad flatters me by using the word "extreme". By fat-tire standards I'm slow, and cautious. A bike is a good way to cover some ground in the woods.
I like that, "safest possible route"! Too bad we can't use that for road measuring!

Your description of the trail reminds me, a friend planned a bike trip to Thomas WV, and the last chunk of it was on a trail-- which turned out to be kind of like that, branches and thorns and other obstacles for miles. He crated up his bike and sent it home instead of riding back!

Anyway, thanks for the great video!

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