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Vice Chair Justin Kuo's 9/1 email to regional certifiers and final signatories

Dear Certifiers and Final Signatories,

Here is the schedule for transitioning to the online course certification system.

  • Tues, 9/3 - Final day for Measurer to submit cert application to their Regional Certifiers  [Soft deadline - exceptions can be made if arranged in advance]

  • Mon, 9/9 - Final day for Regional Certifiers and Final Signatories to submit certified courses including ones they've measured to their Vice Chair for secondary review [Soft deadline - exceptions can be made if arranged in advance]

  • Fri, 9/13, Fri, 9:00 am ET - Registrar's final upload to the legacy database.
    [Hard deadline]

  • Mon, 9/16, 12:01 am ET - the online system goes live. 
    [Hard deadline]

Note, there is some flexibility between Tuesday, September 3 and Monday September 9. Use your own judgement when working with your measurers and when sending certificates to the Vice Chairs.

Thank you. -- Justin

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Not sure this is the right place for this, please direct or re-direct as needed.

I'm unsuccessful in using the online system.  Maybe my (our) method is unique and not accommodated.  Here's the issue.

We use a 2 rider method.  Both riders ride the same route at the same time.  Rider 1 keeps all the data, completes all the forms and handles all submissions.  The result is 4 calibration rides, (2 Bicycle Calibration Sheets), the rest of the data is the same as a single rider would use.  On the paper Measuring Data Sheet, "Measurer for Ride 1" is one rider, "Measurer for Ride 2 is the other".

My 3 attempts, on the training site, to test the online system have failed after entering the first set of calibration data for Rider 1 (Precal for Rider 1).  That data goes in (is accepted) without a problem.  I can't get to the Bicycle Calibration Sheet  screen for Rider 2 or the Measuring Data screen.   I did (somehow) get the red handshake symbol (collaborator) to appear, but can't delete it.  When I click on the green measurer symbol in the Measurements column, I get the "Someone else will be completing this ride".

I have also not been able to open a new account.  I have one for the forum; not for the online system (I assume they are different).  I have twice used the little triangle on the right side of the online system screen to report an issue.  This has not resulted in a response.

I do have a course certification package ready for submittal (race date = 10/14/2019) and wanted to use the online system as the (9/3/2019) deadline has passed, the course was measured on 9/4.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

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