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The RRTC Meeting Agenda

RRTC meets Saturday, December 3, from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Those who have something they think should be discussed should send a message to RRTC Chairman Mike Wickiser at

Suggestions can also be posted here. Things brought up at the meeting are generally not completely resolved by the end of the meeting. Instead, they enter electronic limbo, and are discussed among interested parties until a consensus is reached.

The most welcome suggestions are those that come with an offer to help, or better still, to take the lead and do the heavy lifting. Less welcome are suggestions for what other people should be doing.

Here are two suggestions:

1) Certifiers should make an effort to see that course maps have ½ inch margins all around. This permits duplication and scanning without loss of content. I’ve seen a few maps on the USATF search site that are missing information at the edge.

2) The course registrar should scan both the maps and the certificates. This has two benefits: It eliminates the need for any more file cabinets full of paper and it preserves ALL the information on the certificate, including race date, something RRIC has wanted for quite a while. Storage would be on a few CD’s rather than on file drawers full of paper, only a few of which are ever used.
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