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Are you ever asked what you are doing when measuring a course? Would it be a good idea to have some type of vest that has a logo on it, which states you are an official measurer.

A simple bright vest with pockets could be the answer. Some of us have these and have found it to be a good thing.

Any thoughts here?
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Bob Thurston and I were loaned safety vests by the Army 10-Miler to wear while we verify the race day course layout. I liked it so much, I purchased one. It is a surveyor's vest with a zipper front and 4 handy pockets which I use for calculator, pen, cell phone, and notebook while measuring.It is available from Enviro Safety Products: OCCLUX Surveyor's Solid Two-Tone Safety Vest https://www.envirosafetyproduc...ty-vest-class-2.html.

To this vest, I attach an 81/2 x 11" sign: .

I slip this sign into a plastic page protector, tape the open end, then attach it to the vest with safety pins. It survived a ride in heavy rain. It seems to help when measuring.

If you like the sign, feel free to print it: .
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