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Does anyone have suggestions on what concrete nails to buy for measurement marks - i.e. brand, gauge, length, etc.? One post I browsed commented about, I believe, a "PK" on the head. I browsed in our Ace Hardware store this morning and saw nothing with any designation on the head. Before I buy a box I thought it might be wise to find out what works best.

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This thread may be old... but WOW - it has been helpful! My standard nail has been the big PK masonry 2 1/2" x 1/4" inch. I noticed that sometimes the pavement was so hard that my nails bent and broke and or went flying... It became a real problem at times.

I had not considered the obvious: The road material's density increases with falling temperatures such that at 32 deg F or below the big nail has real problems.

I just bought the nails Duane cited above, ChrisNik Mag Nail 1" x 5/32", and WOW! They sail right into the pavement on the formerly toughest of roads. These are now my "cold weather" nails.

Thanks to everyone for sharing these invaluable tips.
There is a store locally that sells surveyors equipment, it's where I go with questions like this, find one near you, it may be helpful for future reference.

They say "Old school PK" nails are on the way out" I find them sufficient. They can still be purchased most places if they have old stock. The new standard is the MAG nail, a little more rugged and has a larger magnetic signature, it's likely what you'll find mostly in-stock now. Eiter work fine, PK nail, if you can find them are a little cheaper.
I use a Ramset gun and load it with 1 1/2" nails. The nails are pre-loaded with a washer. I suggest the #4 load for blacktop and a #5 load for concrete. Yes, the .22 charge sounds like a gun. I co-measured the Baltimore Marathon with Lyman Jordan and there were some pretty seedy parts of town where it drew a little attention. If I'm ever shot in the line of duty, someone better have a 5K in my memory.

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