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Below is info provided by Ted Corbitt's son Gary:

Long Distance Running History
50th Anniversary
In August 1964 Ted Corbitt authored and published the 29 page monograph “Measuring Road Running Courses.” The movement to certify the accuracy of road race courses across the United States was started.
Ted Corbitt stated the following: “I rate my involvement in course certification the most important thing I’ve done in athletics and that includes being on an Olympic team and setting a few American records. I want to thank Aldo Scandurra for giving me a chance to survive. And I want to thank John Sterner, Robert Letson and John Jewell of England.”
Phil Stewart said the following: “Besides being an African American Olympic marathoner in 1952, a time when marathon running was far from integrated, Ted Corbitt was the quiet, tireless founder of the measurement and course certification system which allows millions of runners today to know that the courses they run -- be it the Boston Marathon or their local Turkey Trot 5K -- have been accurately measured. This is his remarkable and enduring legacy.”

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“Like” Ted Corbitt – Pioneer

Road Running Course Measurement
50th Anniversary
Pioneers in Road Running Course Measurement
Conference Call – May 23, 2014
This conference call was designed to honor and extend the great legacies of John Jewell, John Sterner, Aldo Scandurra, and Ted Corbitt.
Here are conference call participants and time of their discussion:
Gary Corbitt Intro
John Booras 5:45
Ken Young 12:19
Alan & Clain Jones 24:53
David Katz 36:35
1981 New York City Marathon 43:50
Josh Nemzer 53:45
Pete Riegel 55:44
Roy Pirrung 1:07:40
Closing Remarks 1:11:30
Listen to the call here:
This history of course measurement has been thoroughly documented on-line at & Thank you to Pete Riegel and Alan Jones.
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