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For my current measurement job, I need to create 4 large radial turns: 2 with a 75' radius and 2 with with a 25' radius. I'm planning to use double loop chain like this that is pre-measured and cut to length. The radial point end of the chain will swivel on a spike. I'll have an assistant hold the spike and ensuring it rotates freely while I walk the turn and place markers every 4' apart. See attachment for diagram.

Any veteran measurers here have any better ideas or suggestions for creating these?


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Although it may be a stretch at 75', you may be able mark the arcs by yourself. Pound a PK or other nail in the center of the radius leaving about 1/2" of the nail exposed. Loop the zero end of the tape over the nail and pull the tape to 75', walk around the semi-circle while marking the road with chalk or paint. Remove the nail when you are done.  Every year, for one event in the Boston area, I've had to quickly mark 10' arcs in busy roadways while the traffic lights were red.

I would be interested to hear what others are doing. Thank you. --  Justin

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