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Gene, I asked Sean Wallace Jones about this. Here is his reply:

Thanks for the enquiry. The IAAF does not currently publish an online database of certified courses.

Kind regards,

Sean Wallace-Jones
IAAF Competitions Department - Senior Manager Road Running

Direct Tel: +377 93 10 88 81 Mobile: +377 (0) 6 07 93 43 42
HQ Tel: +377 93 10 88 88 Fax: +377 93 50 32 63
6-8, Quai Antoine 1er | BP 359 | MC 98000 Monaco Cedex
The IAAF doesn't even have a web site of their Certified courses. I really don't like many things that they do, not to say they aren't a good organization.

Another example is their method of having a course certified. They require only one ride. I don't care what they say about there experts in measuring, anyone can make a mistake.

I have asked Bob Baumel to post the list on our site a few months ago. I will do it again today.

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