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RRTC Policy on Changes to the Certification Code for Adjusted Courses, 2010-18

Issued: October 7, 2019

[Note: this policy is associated with the USATF Course Certification – Policy on Adjustments to Certified Courses.]

Adoption of a 300-series serial number in the certification code for courses involving the adjustment and recertification of courses originally certified in calendar years 2010 thru 2018 only. 

 Effective immediately, for any State/Year/Certifier combination of the certification code, the serial number sequence for the new certification code of an adjusted course previously certified in years 2010 thru 2018 will begin with 301. 

 Background. Due to irregularities in the sequencing of certification codes of certified courses in the legacy database, RRTC is adopting the above change for assigning serial numbers to adjusted courses in the new online system. This change is effective immediately (as of 10/07/19) and applies only to applications submitted through LDE processing in the online certification system to adjust courses that were previously certified between 2010-18. [Note: It does not apply the certification codes of courses that were adjusted before the online system. Nor does it apply to courses certified in 2019 and beyond that are subsequently adjusted using the new online system.]

Explanation. This change applies only to calibrated or non-calibrated adjustments submitted through the LDE process that do not involve a full remeasurement of the course. 

If the adjustment includes a full remeasurement of the entire course, as before, the recertified course will receive a new certification code valid for up to 10 calendar years from the year in which the full remeasurement of the course was conducted. 

Example 1. A non-calibrated or calibrated adjustment of MA17017JK completed in 2019 will be issued a new certification code of MA17301JK, indicating that this is the first MA course in 2017 certified by JK as an adjustment to a previously certified course in that state for that year.

 Example 2. A full remeasurement of MA17017JK would be issued a new certification code using the next serial number in the sequence for MA 2019 courses certified by JK, and the certificate would be valid for up to 10 calendar years. 


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