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Meeting at Sheraton in Honolulu from 8:30am till 11:20am, Sat, Dec 1st, 2007


Chairs report (Gene Newman)

Vice Chair reports (Jim Gerweck & Paul Hronjak)

Course Registrar report / Measurers List (Stu Riegel)

Validation report (Neville Wood)

Webmaster information (Bob Baumel)

Course Measurement Bulletin Board (Pete Riegel)

Workshop Report (Mike Wickiser)

Below are some areas that open for Discussion presented by Gene Newman

A. New Counter and Tire Pressure Monitoring

B. GPS position
Has not changed! Generally not acceptable except in rare case of a calibration course performed by a surveyor.

C. Associations and Regional Certifiers should be connected?
The answer lies as with what Bill Roe has stated “we(RRTC) are not connected and should not be connected.” Politics are a part of an Association and not connected to the RRTC. Yes, we should serve Associations by having measurement workshops and our Regional Certifiers would be their contacts.

D. Expiration date and Certification Number on the Certified Map?
Yes or no?

E. All RRTC should be USATF members?
It is important that we are members.

F. Calibration Course life is 10 years!

Open meeting for all to speak for any other concerns:
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