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From Gene Newman:

Meeting in Reno for the RRTC
2:30pm till 4:50pm Friday Dec 5th, 2008
8:30am till 11:20am Sat. Dec 6th, 2008


Chairman’s report

Vice Chair reports

Course Registrar report / Measurers list

Validation report

Webmaster information

RRTC Web Report

Workshop Report

Budget for 2009

Discussion topics

1. Map’s on Certificates

2. Old Files of Certificate?

3. Post Validation Policy (have copies of Nev’s statement)
When is it not necessary to do a remeasure!

4. Webpage for courses?
Should the Certificate also be there?

5. Cross Country Courses being measured and issuing a XC Certificate

6. Listing of Measurers on RRTC/USATF site

7. Ted Corbitt Archive – what to do with them?

Open meeting for all to speak for any other concerns:
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