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Message from RRTC Chairman Mike Wickiser

Dear All,
After long and careful consideration, I've determined
the time has come for me to retire as RRTC Chairman
and Registrar. I have enjoyed serving the organization
in this position for the past six years, and as Vice
Chairman East and Validations Chairman several years
before that.

I will be officially announcing my resignation at the
convention effective December 31, 2005, so I need to
be in a position to recommend a successor for both the
Chairman & Registrar positions.

** The RRTC Chairman is an administrative position.
** The Registrar gets to do the filing and course list

I chose to take on both positions which made the task
large. This need not be unless someone chooses. I
would recommend TWO individuals divide these tasks. In
light of the knowledge and skills the RRTC requires, I
am hopeful one or more current certifiers would be
interested in taking on the task and responsibility.
Please give consideration to nominations for one or
both positions and reply to me at your earliest


Mike Wickiser
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