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Inquiries have been made concerning a protocol for handling road relay records. As far as I know no such protocol exists.

The inquiry stated in part: “In validating a road relay marathon course (for example, 5K / 10K/ 5K / 10K / 5K / 7.195K), is each leg considered "certified" and then, during remeasurement, does the validator check each leg for accuracy?”

Each relay consists of a string of measured intervals. Laying out a course with splits set at these intervals is not difficult, nor is checking them in a validation. What is sought seems to be a method to handle potential records.

Some of the complicating factors are:

1) Should individual split runs qualify for records?
2) Within the overall distance, the individual split lengths may not be the same, although the overall distances may be the same.
3) There is no well-defined start and/or finish of an enroute interval, as the baton is passed on the run.
4) If the splits are a bit inaccurate but the overall length is OK, should a relay record be recognized? Any suggestion for tolerances?
5) What about timing? Where should the timing stations be set up and how should times be handled?

Other considerations may apply. Discussion and suggestions are sought.
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