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Just read that Rick Recker, long time course measurer and MN state certifier, passed away this morning after a brief battle with cancer.

In addition to his course measurement activities, Rick was a prolific track official, working high school, college and open meets year-round.

Rick was also instrumental in creating and directing a program that allowed Twin Cities runners to work out inside the Minneapolis football stadiums during the worst winter weather.

Rick was also an avid runner and continued to compete until very recently. He was famous for running shirtless, even in weather in which most runners would don long sleeve shirts and jackets.

RIP Rick - my next trip to the Cities won't be quite as interesting.

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Here’s the Facebook post from his children:

Rick Recker has run his final race. He passed away in the early morning of February 19, 2022.

My dad and I were recently chatting with a newer friend, who was admiring Dad’s medals and trophies. I commented, “Yes, running is Dad’s favorite thing.” Even though communication was difficult for him at that time, my dad firmly stated, “No. Family.”

So, for Rick, it was family first, followed by running.

You will be glad to know that he was surrounded by both at the end. He had quality time with all three of his siblings and all three of his children (as well as many of their spouses). He had opportunities to connect with most of his grandchildren in these final weeks and months. Friends from the running community and beyond sent messages we read to him.

He was able to die at home, surrounded by family and running community memories, just as he wished.

Thank you for your role in his life. Dad did not want a funeral or memorial service. He wanted to throw an amazing party not to celebrate his life, but to thank all his loved ones. He wanted to make sure you know how much he appreciated you, so stay tuned for more details on that.

In the meantime, enjoy running on “the Rick” and admiring the bowling bridge from a safe distance.

-Stephanie Ziebarth, Rick Recker and Stacy A. Brooks

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