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Have you looked at doing a right fork mount JR Counter?

With the increasing use of disc brakes on bicycles, the mounting of the new JR Counter on the left side is increasingly difficult.

Could you not swap out the counter - with a left hand shaft extension totalizer. When mounted to your existing JR base - it would allow for a bicycle mounting on the right fork? - Model 14 totalizer, top coming, left hand shaft, 3000 cpm, base mount.
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Minor modifications can be made during the assembly process, and if you want to purchase the counter and send it to me I'll see what I can do. I'll have to charge some for parts, and labor, but I've made special accommodations before.

I've tested a couple Reddington samples. I am more comfortable selling the Veeder-Root counters even though they are 50% more money. The model 14 is only available in 5-digit readout, and I sell far more 6's.
My "new" measuring bike has disk brakes on the front. With very little effort I was able to mount my Jones counter by placing some shims (aka washers) on the brake mounting bracket and fine tunning the brakes. It works well, but it is too much trouble ever to remove my counter, but since I only measure with that bike I am happy with that.

However, a right mounted Jones counter is a great idea.


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