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Lyman, I use the Protegé electronic method Neville developed several years ago to give me a "heads up" when I'm approaching split points. In fact for many courses it's all I use to locate intermediate splits, using the JOR Counter as a double check of the overall distance.
One thing I wish for is some way to illuminate a hub-mounted counter for some of the nighttime measurement Dave K. & I are (in)famous for. One of Gene's measurement buddies from NJ had an LED mounted on a wire just above the counter that seemed to work really well when we rode the 2008 Men's Olympic Trials Marathon course in NYC.
As I have mentioned in the past, for nighttime/lowlight measurements, nothing beats the video scope I have been using. I have been using it for almost a year now. Have used on about 15-20 courses including two marathons/half-marathon. Besides being able to see the counter easily, with just a push a button, the video scope save a picture of the counter with date/time to a memory card.
Ken, it is more like "a measurer who cannot justify a $350.00 measuring gadget to his wife" who would prefer we spend that on a nice B&B in the mountains...(hah hah)

Jim, thanks for the Protege link. The cheap one I tried from another manufacturer was practically useless. If this one is good enough for you and for Pete, it must be fine. I will give it a try.
I've had excellent luck w/ the 2 Protegés I have. I usually have to replace the battery each spring (sitting in a cold garage all winter doesn't do them much good) but for >$3 for 2 at Staples it's not a bad yearly expense. Plus you can switch between programmable "wheels" and use if for normal riding, too (although it will be in metric units, due the constraints of Neville's protocol - not a bad thing as I feel as if I'm going faster when the readout is in km/h rather than MPH).
Originally posted by J. A. Wilhelm:
Protegé bike computers

Thanks Ken for the web site. I am wondering though how long the batteries last (could always carry extra batteries)? Will the batteries last for a marathon & how do you have it attached to your bike?


Someone on this forum had recommend the Sanyo eneloop AAA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries. I bought and use these. They last a fairly long time..maybe 1.5-2 hrs. But, of course, I carry a backup set just in case. Also, for longer course, I turn the video scope off between splits. With my Garmin GPS, I know when I am approaching another split and just turn on my scope then.

As someone had suggested on this forum, I purchased and install aerobars on my bike. Took off the arm pad and replace with a velcro covered metal sheet. By using velcro, I can quickly change around what I want to use. Clipboard with velcro. Or, my small printing calculator with velcro. Have not put velcro on bottom of my video scope but, of course, could do so. As per the picture below, I have the video scope tied down with a velcro strap and with a plastic tie down through the hole at end of scope.

For the camera, I use a rubber coated twist-tie. These are great to have around for mounting/holding various items to bike.

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I gotta say, I am really impressed with all of these improvisations and inventions that Ken and others have worked out for measuring on a bike! I enjoy being inspired to try to do things in a better way-- I'll probably keep on with awkward old habits, like using a notebook and a flashlight that I hold in my mouth, and using a gut feeling for knowing when to check the counter-- but it's nice to dream that one day I would actually improvise something better.

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