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I have received several requests for a Right side mounted JR counter.

I am pleased to announce a Right hand JR counter is now available.

By modifying the standard JR chassis and obtaining the proper direction counter a Right side mounted JR counter is being produced. This counter mounts to the rear of the fork but is readily visible from the bike. The RH model is available with a 5 digit Veeder Root counter and is priced the same as the standard 5 digit counter at $150.00 with US domestic shipping included. 

Now all those bikes with disk brakes can measure without having to subtract counts as was previously the required method.IMG_1223IMG_1225


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I am looking for a few measurers to test a modification to the current Jones Counter. For measurers that are wiring the tang on the counter to a wheel spoke, I have an alternate extension that would eliminate the wire and allow for easy installation & removal of the Jones Counter.

If you are presently wiring your counter, actively measuring, and willing to try this tang extension, please contact me, Mike Wickiser at

I'll send an extension and ask for feedback on how well or poorly it worked.

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