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Received from Paul Oerth:

Dear Pete,

Thanks for the pictures. I finally have the computer working right so I can look at them. I really appreciate your help in all this. The new sprocket gear should work out just fine, and you will have one of the first new counters as soon and I make them. I do most of the assembling myself these days. Karl still turns out the connectors on the lathe, but I do the rest.

I must increase the price now for the first time in four years. The new price will be:

Five Digit Counters $80.00
Six Digit Counters $90.00

Five Digit Counters $90.00 Plus Shipping
Six Digit Counters $100.00 Plus Shipping

In most cases shipping cost will be $20 unless it is necessary to use DHL which case the cost is more.

New rates go into effect April 1, 2006.

Thank you again for all your help, Pete.

Warm Regards,


Paul's supplier of gear drives has gone out of business. The old type will be shipped until it's gone. The new type registers 30 counts per revolution of the bike wheel, as opposed to the present 23.6363...The new drive is different. See photos below:

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Congratulations to Paul on averting what everyone was expecting to be the death knell of the Jones. What is the original intended use of the worm gear and what is likely to be its availability in the future? Like everything I buy these days from a GPS to my granddaughter's shoes, I expect it comes from China.
Geez, I'd think Neville would be ringing the funeral bell gleefully, and kicking dirt on the J/O coffin Wink

Seriously, it seems like an improvement having 30 counts/rev (more precision) and the sealed unit would seem to be more resistant to road gunk, but it seems like the housing is thicker than the current gear. Also, I always worry about wear in moving plastic/nyon part like the worm gear.

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