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After thirty years with RRTC I have decided to retire. I took much satisfaction during the period when we were crafting our measurement procedure. It’s good to see that it has held up so well over the years.

We are now embroiled in another discussion in which I have left my opinions. It’s these political nontechnical things which have worn me down.

Accordingly I hereby tender my resignation as Ohio Certifier, to become effective June 1, or earlier when a new Certifier is found. It is the sole office I hold in RRTC. I will be happy to assist in the transition to another certifier as desired.

I’ve also been the unofficial submittor of RRTC requests for reimbursement expense data to USATF. From this I cease immediately.

To all certifiers and measurers, I wish you well.

So long, it’s been good to know you.

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Dear Pete,

I felt this day would come and I'm sorry to see it happen now. You have been my guiding light as well as many others here. You will be missed by all of us in the measurement community as you have given more than one could ask to the RRTC.

When I became a measurer, I looked forward the your articles in measurement news. I never thought I would become Chair of this great organization, but your encouragement and guidance has helped me with so many situations.

There are not enough words to say thank you properly for your many years of service.

I leave this with a sadden heart and wish you well.

Best regards always,


It's been a great run.I take some of the credit (responsibility?) for getting you into this business when I got you communicating with Bob Letson after both of your developed, independently, race pace calculators.

I can say that you have been the strength behind this organization for many, many years. As an example, when the future of the counter looked in doubt, you stepped in and, with your son Tom, created a new one.

Thanks so much and best of luck in your "retirement" years.


Sorry to see you are retiring. I am so glad I got to meet you, and spend time with you at the national meetings. I have valued your input on the various issues on the BB, and have the utmost respect for your positions. They made me look at things from different angles, which is always beneficial.

Thanks for all you have done in the past to get the RRTC, and the measurement process, to where it is today. You have been a huge asset.

Now two of my teachers have retired, after Dave Poppers bowed-out a couple years ago. I have gained valuable insight from both of you.

Also, thanks for being a big part of the JR Counter. It is a much-improved unit - I don't have to twist my neck to read it!

Good luck, and Good health.
Dear Pete,

If anyone asked me to describe Pete Riegel, my answer would be two words — ROCK SOLID. You have always been there, as close as a phone (way back in the '80's) or whatever the latest method of communication happened to be.

Others have already expressed what we all feel. You helped give birth to both national and international cohesiveness in the measuring world. Ohio will find another certifier but they will never find a replacement for Pete Riegel.

The highlight of every convention I attended was the Sunday breakfast Mary Anne and I shared with you and Joan and Wayne and Sally Nicoll. We still miss them.

Stay in touch, Tom

You have been been the "gold standard" of course measurement. Your expertise has been a great source of help to me and many others. You have a wealth of technical expertise that is of great benefit to those involved with measurement. My personal thanks for your help with my validation of the Boston WOT course and most recently with the ultra I measured. I wish you all the best and hope you will keep your voice in on the bulletin board. While there is not always agreement, your voice carries great weight.


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