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Below are instructions for having the bulletin board send you an email whenever someone makes a new post on the bulletin board.

1) Login to the bulletin board.

2) Make sure your saved email address is valid:
a) Click on your name at the top of the main bulletin board page.
b) Click on View/Edit Complete Profile.
c) Make sure the Account Email Address is a working email address.
d) If not a working email address, click on checkbox to change account email address. Click on Submit button.
e) Be aware that this also changes your login username.

3) Add notification:
a) Go back to main page and click on your name.
b) Click on Notifications in menu on left side of page.
c) Click on Edit under Forums.
d) Choose your preference of getting a daily notification of all activity, a weekly notification of all activity, or notification every time someone posts.
e) Click on the Update button.

4) Check your Spam:
Occasionally check your Spam messages to make sure your email program is not sending the notifications to the Spam folder.
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